Tuesday, 25 May 2010

We Shall Not Be Moved.

The Korean regional elections are coming up. In.. a week or two, Mr. Penny says.

(I can't keep up with American politics, much less Korean ones - thankfully, I married a Politics major)

There is some great campaigning going on. Candidates are wandering around. There are GIANT television screens driving through town on the backs of big trucks. Someone hired about six women to wear orange safety vests and wave Korean flags while dancing by the roadside. There are other dancers riding on the backs of more big trucks, dancing precariously as they lurch along to pulsing K-pop. And still more big trucks with loudspeakers, driving about town, blasting what I can only assume is campaign rhetoric.

I wish I had pictures and I would if, A.) taking pictures didn't make me feel like more of a sore thumb than my pale skin and light brown hair already do, and B.) my camera battery hadn't JUST passed out.

It's not an excuse!

Right now, there's a large choir along the street, singing, "We Shall Not Be Moved", alternately in Korean and English.

Sometimes I wish we were this shameless in America... Something about it just feels so much more honest.

Plus, it's totally funnier.

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