Sunday, 23 May 2010

A Rainy Walk

It's our first spring in Korea, so the cycle of weather is new to us. Being from Southern Idaho, we're used to a dry, arid climate - everything that Korea is not.

So, it's probably normal for here, but to us, it's been a lovely, rainy spring. In the past week, it's stopped raining only twice, and only in order to get blistering hot and humid.

Needless to say, we favor the rain. :)

And today, arming ourselves with umbrellas, we went for a pleasant Sunday walk in it.

I just love the way the streets and pavement look in the rain. As shiny as patent leather.

A little roadside garden. I'm constantly amazed by the creativity of the people in our neighborhood. They can take whatever they have and turn it into something useful. I'm trying to watch closely and learn from them, but I swear they're just born with an innate sense of brilliance.

A couple pictures of my Tea Leaves Cardigan, from the amazing pattern by Madeline Tosh. I know the pictures could be better, but I forgot to have Mr. Penny take any of the sweater itself.

As a side note, I just love Madeline Tosh's patterns. They're always so simple and graceful. The Tea Leaves Cardigan is a perfect rainy day sweater and since I finished it earlier this month, I didn't think I'd get a chance to wear it until fall, but I did! That alone was worth the walk around town.

The roses outside one of our local churches. They smell so good.

Here's a photo of our next door neighbor's roof top garden. The white pipes on top act like ribs to hold a plastic tarp so her garden is a greenhouse in the winter and a garden in the summer.

And our own roof top tomato plants:

Nothing nearly as exciting as everyone else's container gardens, but we hope they'll turn out.

Sorry for the picture overload, the light was just so perfect today, I couldn't help myself.

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